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Голубой гасконский гриффон Blue Gascony Griffon

Голубой гасконский гриффон

Стандарт FCI №32 24/01/96


Довольно большая и длинная. Череп слегка выпуклый, не слишком широкий. Переход ото лба к морде выражен не сильно. Затылочный бугор хорошо заметен. Спинка носа прямая или слегка выпуклая. Щеки с четкими линиями, губы отвислые. Мочка носа широкая.


Овальной формы. Карего или темно-карего цвета.


Тонкие и гибкие,скрученные. Концы ушей слегка заостренные.


Мощный. Шея довольно длинная и слегка выпуклая.

Грудь хорошо развита. Ребра выпуклые. Спина довольно длинная. Поясница мускулистая. Круп немного скошенный.


Мускулистые. Костяк крепкий, солидный. Передние конечности мощные, допускается их небольшая искривленность. Форма лап почти овальная, с плотно собранными в комок пальцами. Подушечки и когти черного цвета.


Правильно поставлен. Собака несет его саблей. Достаточно покрыт шерстью.

Волосяной покров

Шерсть короткая, довольно толстая и очень плотная. Жесткая, грубая и густая. На голове — чуть более короткая. Брови довольно густые. 


Пятнистый (черно-пегий) с мелким крапом, что придает шерсти синевато-серый оттенок. Может иметь черные пятна различного размера. Два черных пятна обычно находятся по сторонам головы, захватывая уши и глаза и заканчиваясь на щеках. Эти пятна не сходятся на вершине черепа, а разделяются белой полосой, зачастую с маленьким овальным черным пятном в центре(признаком породы). Два палевых пятна (интенсивность их окраса может быть различной) над глазами образуют светлые подпалины на бровях. Имеется палевый подпал на щеках, внутренней поверхности ушей, конечностях и нижней стороне хвоста.

Высота в холке

кобели: 50 — 57 см, суки: 48 — 55 см. Бассет: 34-38 см.

Вес около 20 кг.

UTILIZATION : Multipurpose hound used for hunting the hare with the gun. His keenness and fine nose make of him also a precious assistant in the tracking of the wild boar.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 6 Scenthounds.
Section 1.2 Medium sized hounds.
With working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : Of very ancient Pyrenean origin, he is the offspring of the crossing of a medium sized Gascony Blue with a Griffon. After having practically disappeared from the official dog fancy, the breed is actually experiencing an important revival.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Griffon of rustic appearance, solidly built, being halfway between the two breeds from which he is issued.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Fine nose, good voice, intent in his way of hunting, but also full of keenness and enterprise. Temperament alert, even overwhelmingly agitated but yet affectionate.


Skull : Seen from the front, slightly domed and not too broad; the occipital protuberance is lightly marked. Seen from above, the back of the skull is ogival in shape. The forehead is full.
Stop : Not very accentuated.

Nose : Black, large, nostrils well open.
Muzzle : Practically the same length as that of the skull. Nasal bridge straight or slightly arched.
Lips : Lightly developed but covering the lower jaw.
Jaws/Teeth : Scissor bite. Incisors set square to the jaws.
Cheeks : Lean.
Eyes : Oval shape; dark chestnut. Very expressive and lively.
Leathers : Supple, curled in without excess, very slightly pointed; must reach the beginning of the nose without going beyond its extremity. Set just below the eyeline.

NECK : Rather slender, with a little dewlap.

Back : Well supported, firm; short.
Loin : Muscled, slightly arched.
Croup : Very slightly oblique.
Chest : Well developed. Ribs rounded without exaggeration.
Flank : Full; underline slightly tucked up towards the back.

TAIL : Quite hairy; just reaching the point of the hock; well set; carried gaily sabre fashion.


View of the ensemble : Strong and vertical legs, the whole without heaviness.
Shoulders : Quite oblique and muscled.
Elbow: Close to body.
Forearm : Strong.

View of the ensemble : Vertical and parallel legs. Hindquarters well developed.
Thigh : Well muscled.
Hock : Well let down.

FEET : Oval shape, toes lean and tight. Pads and nails black.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Supple and lively.

SKIN : Quite thick, supple. Black or strongly marbled with black patches, never entirely white. Mucous membranes (hairless zones) black.


HAIR : Hard, rough and shaggy. A little shorter on the head where the eyebrows, quite bushy, do not cover the eyes. Much shorter and flat on the leathers.

COLOUR : Entirely mottled (black and white) giving a slate blue effect; marked or not with more or less extended black patches. Two black patches are generally placed at either side of the head, covering the leathers, surrounding the eyes and stopping at the cheeks. They do not meet on top of the skull, they leave a white interval in the middle of which is frequently found a little black oval shaped spot, typical of the breed. There are two more or less bright tan markings above the superciliary arches giving a "quatroeuille'" effect to the eyes. Equally one finds traces of tan on the cheeks, the lips, the inner face of the leathers, on the legs and under the tail.

Height at the withers : Males : 50 to 57 cm.
Females : 48 to 55 cm.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
Head :
Head too short.
Skull too broad.
Muzzle snipey.
Leathers too long, too hairy.
Eye light brown.
Conjunctiva visible.
Body :
Long; soft topline.
Croup falling away.
Tail :
Deviated or too short.
Limbs :
Cowhocks seen from behind.
Splayed feet.
Behaviour :
Timid subject.

Frightened or aggressive subject.
Lack of type.
Serious anatomical malformation.
Visibling disabling defect.
Over- or undershot mouth.
Light eye.
Wolly or curly coat.
Any other coat than that indicated in the standard.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

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