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Пон-одемерский эпаньоль Epagneul Pont-Audemer

Пон-одемерский эпаньоль

FCI-Standard N° 114 / 25. 09.1998 / GB

Страна: Франция

Использование: Охотничья собака, собака-компаньон.


Заостренная. Череп округлый, с пучками очень завитых волос, свисающих челкой. Затылочный бугор выражен. Переход ото лба к морде также выражен. Морда длинная, с горбинкой посредине. Губы тонкие, не очень отвислые. Мочка носа заостренной формы, коричневого цвета.


Небольшие. Темно-желтого или карего цвета.


Средней ширины и длины, посажены довольно низко, висячие, плоские, покрытые длинными, волнистыми, очень курчавыми волосами, переходящими в пучки волос, обрамляющие темя.


Достаточно костистый. Шея немного выпуклая, четких линий, с хорошо развитой мускулатурой. Грудь глубокая, широкая. Ребра длинные, выпуклые. Спина прямая или немного выпуклая. Поясница крепкая, мускулистая. Круп незначительно скошен. Живот слегка подтянут.


Крепкие, мускулистые. Лапы округлые. Между пальцами — обильные вьющиеся волосы.


Собака несет его параллельно земле. Обычно купируется на 1/3 длины. Густо покрыт вьющимися волосами. Некупированный хвост имеет среднюю длину, немного изогнут.

Волосяной покров

Шерсть вьющаяся, густая, немного жестковатая, очень плотная. Очесов и подвеса на хвосте нет.


Каштановый сплошной или пегий. Предпочтителен крапчатый каштановый или каштаново-серый.

Высота в холке

52-58 см.


Около 20 кг.

(Epagneul de Pont-Audemer)

TRANSLATION : Mrs. Peggy Davis.

ORIGIN : France.


UTILIZATION : Pointing dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 7 Pointing Dogs.
Section 1.2 Continental Pointing Dogs, « Spaniel » type.
With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Stocky and vigorous dog.


Skull : Round and developed at the top, occipital crest prominent; the parietals are rather round. The forehead rising towards the topknot which must be very curly and well placed on the top of the skull, leaving the forehead bare.
Stop : Forming a weak angle, although marked.

Nose : Brown, protruding perceptibly above the front of the lips, rather pointed.
Muzzle : Long, arched in the middle part.
Lips : Fine and slightly let down, making the muzzle rather pointed.
Eyes : Dark amber or hazel, rather small, well set into the socket; kind and frank expression.
Ears : Medium thickness, flat, set on rather low in such a way as to keep them away from the cheeks; long and furnished with long silky very curly hair, joining the top knot to show a beautiful curly wig really framing the head.

NECK : A little arched, neat, well muscled, joining finely to the head and solidly to the shoulders.

Back : Straight or slightly convex.
Loin : Quite short, broad, solid, muscular.
Croup : Very slightly oblique.
Chest : Deep, broad, going down fully to level of the elbow; ribs ong and protruding, the last rib close to the hip.
Flanks : Flat and a little raised.

TAIL : Set almost at the level of the loin line, carried quite straight, generally docked to one third of its length; thick at the base, well feathered with curly hair which should surround the tail completely. When the tail is not docked, it must be of medium length, carried a little curved.

LIMBS : The legs must be rather short, the dog being rather low to the ground, yet without falling into the Cocker type.

Shoulders : Strong, long, sloping, close at the point where they join the spinal column.
Upper arm : Strong and muscled.

Haunch : Prominent and reaching the height of the back.
Thighs : Straight, well let down, muscular, fleshy, with culottes. Point of buttock prominent.
Hock joint : Broad and straight, without deviation either in or out.
Hocks : Rather short, furnished especially at the back with a curly fringe. Dewclaws to be avoided.

FEET : Round, set true, furnished with long, curly hairs between the toes.


HAIR : Curly and slightly ruffled.

COLOUR : Brown, preferably brown and grey mottled, with dead leaf glints.

52 - 58 cm.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
• Skull flat on the sides, forehead parallel to the muzzle; lack of topknot, topknot reaching to the superciliary arches or topknot formed by hanging hair.
• Stop forming a weak angle, although marked.
• Nose black, pale, dudley nose or round.
• Muzzle short or too convex.
• Lips thick, with flews.
• Eyes too light, set level with the head surface or too sunken. Look unfriendly or vicious.
• Ears thick, folded, too short, set too high, carried either forward or backward.
• Neck too heavy, flat on its top line, too thick in its junction with the head.
• Back long, narrow or hollow.
• Loin long, narrow or flat.
• Croup falling steeply away, too straight.
• Chest insufficiently let down, too round or hollow; ribs flat or too close together.
• Flanks too fleshy, too deep.
• Tail set too high or too low, too curved, carried sabre fashion with a plume.
• Shoulders short, straight, wide apart at the summit.
• Upper arm thin.
• Haunch low set.
• Thigh flat.
• Hock joints deviated, straight, too wide apart or too close together.
• Hocks long, oblique from back to front or deviating to the right or the left, without fringes.
• Feet narrow, much too broad, too hairy; fleshy pads.
• Coat too flat, too curly, too hard or too fine; topknot not curly or falling as in the Poodle.
• Colour black or black and white, presence of tan markings.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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